As Bestbier started off in a farming community, the cost of hiring a grader to maintain gravel roads was a common-known fact, and an option not considered by many farmers, unless no other means were possible.  Once again, Herman spotted a solution to a very common problem.  After researching and developing the first model, it was tested at his Trompsburg farm and proved to be a great success.  A few improvements and tweaks were added and so the pull-grader became the very first product under Bestbier’s Agri division.

Bestbier currently manufactures two grader models, based on the concept of being completely controlled by one operator – the tractor operator.

The hydraulic hoses are simply connected to those of the tractor and the grader is ready to do its job.  Blade height adjustment and tilting is completely hydraulic and controlled by the tractor operator.

The GRA1 model, commonly known as the big grader, has a 3.6meter operational blade width while the GRA2 model, also known as the small grader, has a 2.8meter operational blade width.  A tractor with power output of 75kW or more and 55kW or more respectively must be used with the graders.

All wear parts are reversible which mean maintenance cost is lowest.  Both graders are robustly constructed from steel for heavy duty uses.  For added weight water may be used in the wheels.

The graders can be used for levelling, gravel road maintenance, new road construction, fire breaks, furrows and much more.

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