Shopping for a resaw? Bestbier manufactures three arbour resaw models that offer the best solution if you are looking for a resaw with tremendous speed and extremely accurate cutting. Quality is of the highest standard, and only the best materials are used in the manufacturing process.

The resaw operates on the principle of a double arbour, with two blades which rotate in the same direction – one blade sawing from either side of the machine.

It is powered by either 2 x 7.5kW, 2 x 11kW or 2 x 15kW electrical motors – various models are available according to requirements, and multiple blades can also be used.

The machine has a 200mm wide sliding bed as well as a throat height of 200mm. A conveyor belt feeds the timber through the throat of the resaw. The feed is controlled with a variable speed drive that can be adjusted from 0 to

The control box, which is easily accessible at the front of the machine, contains two amp-meters which indicate the sharpness of the blade tips Рresulting in the prevention of damaged blades caused by blunt tips.

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