When thinking of primary breakdown swing-blade sawmills to process large logs on site or at the mill, prospective customers conjure up thoughts of pricey imported mills – and then not necessarily perfectly user-friendly.

Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.  A locally produced range of swing-blade sawmills is not only affordable
for South African forestry and wood enthusiasts, but also much more user-friendly than the imported units – and packs a mean punch.

Bestbier manufactures four swing-blade sawmill models that can accommodate large diameter logs of up to 1 meter, with a promised production rate of between 2 and 8 cubic meters per eight-hour shift.

Each model can be powered by either a Siemens electrical motor or petrol driven American manufactured Kohler engine.  Both petrol units provide 27hp of hefty cutting power, while the electrically powered units weigh in at a healthy 11 and 15kW respectively.

Cutting is done through the typical tungsten carbide tipped saw blades, able to cut any kind of wood – hard or soft – and operates with an accuracy variable of only 1 millimetre.

Cutting length is according to specification, the standard length being 4.2meter.  A maximum cut of either 160 or 210mm deep or wide is possible with all four models.

Whereas the imported swing-blade sawmills allow for height adjustments at each end through ratchets that pick up or lower the railing that the cutting unit runs in, the Bestbier railing system is adapted and configured in a more user-friendly manner.  It is manufactured from heavy-gauge steel bar that allows for maximum tortional rigidity and is able to withstand the harshest operating conditions without give at any point.  The railing system simply locks into position and once done is levelled directly off the ground and remains at that height.  The cutting unit, mounted inside a racking unit that slides inside the railing on hardened, precision engineered wheels which allow for the forward and backward movement, runs perpendicular to the log, with the racking unit being lowered or raised as required.  Height adjustment is instantaneous at all four ends without the operator having to adjust the height at each corner separately.  This makes height adjustment significantly easier, simpler and quicker.

The Bestbier sawmill is easily loaded onto the back of a long wheelbase pick-up vehicle by two people, making transport a breeze.

Bestbier’s research have shown that out of all the swing-blade units deployed locally, 90% are stationary – with the emphasis on the portability of the unit perhaps overplayed in marketing campaigns. Instead, their sawmills emphasise the importance of stability and rigidity without debunking portability.

Bestbier is the only South African swing-blade sawmill supplier that designs, develops, manufactures and commissions such sawmills locally – with over thirty years of engineering prowess to their credit.  The Bestbier swing-blade sawmill is one of
the most robust saws in its class, easy to install and operate, and only the best parts are used – giving it an extended, trouble-free lifetime.


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