Preserve moisture and increase productivity with our One Pass tool. 

The implement is designed to help you preserve the moisture content of your fields and save you money by combing four tillage operations into one implement. The three-point hitch at the rear of the implement allows you to hook a planter behind the implement.

The working of the implement can be divided into three parts:

Residue sizing:

The 24” discs at the front of the implement works a depth of 100mm to cut residue into small pieces, to dislodge root balls and to cut away weeds. The residue is also mixed with the soil, to promote faster decomposition. The material left on the surface forms a protective layer to help preserve moisture and to shield the young plants from wind damage.

Compaction layer shattering:

The ripper tines break up compaction layers to promote aeration and to improve water infiltration. The vibro-flex tines loosen the soil in between the ripper tines up to 200mm deep to further improve water infiltration.

Seedbed refinement:

The large diameter roller levels out the surface, whilst it also breaks up clots, creating a smooth and firm seedbed ready for planting.


The universal three-point hitch at the rear of the implement allows you to hook a planter directly behind the implement. The three-point hitch is designed to always keep your planter steady, and it also allows the planter to float up and down, so that the planter is always in contact with the ground surface.

Additional options:

A centralized fertilizer system can be added to the implement to allow you to plant for longer intervals.

A centralized seed and fertilizer system can also be added to use with our fertilizer tines and seed tubes to plant cover crops with.

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